Here is a picture of what a magic band looks like.

And the back. Personal information removed.

As you can see some of the metal goes all the way back into the band. Im not sure if that is to reinforce it or if it helps the signal. Another thing to notice is how the two pieces are fused together.

Just to show how far back the metal goes.

Just for scale. Each box is an inch.

As you can seem once you peel some of it back there is a metal insert.

This continues into the band.

Once you open up the middle part you can really get to the goodies.

Im surprised that it has a battery. I did not expect that.

Further pulled apart.

A little farther apart and splayed out.

Then the reverse side.

I tried to make out the writing but my magnification and eyes are weak. However, my Wife thought she saw a 1600 and I assume that is the Hz.

We can see the chip in the epoxy here.

I ended up cutting it down to size. Now I have heard I could use acetone to remove more epoxy but am afraid I would not find out any more info about the chip. Would happily take ideas on how to go further with it.